Howard Twitty on the Importance of the Golf Grip

Hi, I’m Howard Twitty. When I was growing up, some very famous instructors told me that if you have a good grip, you need a good swing and if you have a bad grip, you need a bad swing. And the reason why they said that, was that if you have a bad grip, you’re […]

Ping Study of the Purdy Grip

Ping Golf conducted an independent analysis of the grip analyzer device prototype. The results are shown below. Summary click on image for larger view Data Analysis click on image for larger view Golfer Comments click on image for larger view

The Golfer’s Grip

When my high school friend and teammate, Jason Schechterle, recently considered giving up golf, I tried to console him on the range. Schechterle made national headlines in March 2001 when the Phoenix detective, responding to a homicide call, was rear-ended by a taxicab careening down the highway. The 115 mph impact crumpled his squad car […]

A Balanced Grip

Imagine the grip as two sumo wrestlers. They are balanced in the canoe, but there are many ways to be balanced in a canoe. If the two guys are sitting centered in the canoe they can row down the lake in a straight line with speed. Either one or both can stand up and the […]