Howard Twitty on the Importance of the Golf Grip

Hi, I’m Howard Twitty. When I was growing up, some very famous instructors told me that if you have a good grip, you need a good swing and if you have a bad grip, you need a bad swing. And the reason why they said that, was that if you have a bad grip, you’re going to have to make compensations in your swing to make up for your grip. But if you have a good grip, the good grip will require you to make a good swing.

This last year, while I was on the tour, a famous instructor told me – and I asked him this, I asked him ‘Why do all the South Africans have good golf swings?’ If you think about it, they all have marvelous golf swings, from Retief Goosen to Oosthuizen, Ernie Ells to Charl Schwartzel, all of them have really beautiful golf swings. And what he said was that when instructors in South African work with young men and young women, the first thing they do is to get them to have a perfect grip. And when they have a perfect grip, they’re not forced to make any changes. What the perfect grip does is give you an awareness of where the club is at all times and you’re able to make a good golf swing so you don’t have to make any corrections. I’ve always thought that was something that was really great!