The Goal in Golf...

Send a golf ball to a specific target with the correct distance and accuracy

  • What Determines Distance?

    What Determines Distance?

    • Clubhead Speed

    • Solidity of Impact

    • Loft of the Club

    • Length of the Club

  • What Determines Ball Flight and Accuracy?

    What Determines Ball Flight and Accuracy?

    • Face Angle at Impact

    • Path of the Swing

    • Solidity of Impact

    • Clubhead Speed

  • The Clubhead

    The Clubhead

    The forces of nature affect the clubhead when it's put into motion. You can fight them or work with these forces. The Purdy Grip shows you how these forces are affecting your face angle and corrects them effortlessly.

How to Set up your Purdy Grip Analyzer

How to Use your Purdy Grip Analyzer

  • Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.
    Albert Einstein
  • It is SO important to put your hands on the club properly. Young teachers today forget to talk about the grip.”
    Butch Harmon
  • We strike a golf ball with the head of the club, and we hold the club with the hands. It follows, therefore, that the method of holding the club must be of real importance.
    Earnest Jones
  • The hands generate clubhead speed, control the face, and they shape the path of the swing.
    Davis Love, Jr.
  • If you have a bad grip, you don’t want a good swing.
    Harvey Penick
  • Why do the South Africans have such good swings? They have good grips.
    Sean Foley
  • The grip is your only connection to the golf club. It establishes the relationship between your body and the clubface and it dictates how you must swing to hit a decent shot.
    Tom Kite
  • A sound grip is fundamental to creating good dynamics. A really good grip is indeed a work of art.
    Bobby Clampett
  • Modern swing theory often focuses on using the big muscles to (hips torso, shoulders) generate clubhead speed. I see things the other way around: the hands and arms create the speed.
    Bob Toski

Jason Schecterle

My great friend, injured Phoenix Detective Jason Schechterle, told me he had quit golf. This is sad because it’s a miracle he can even play golf after being burned on over 70% of his body. 56 reconstructive surgeries have enabled him to hold the club, and his handicap has been as good as scratch since after the accident. Recently I offered him a free lesson and to get on the Purdy Grip Analyzer.

Jason’s grip was closing the clubface about 30 degrees. When the club shuts that much the golfer will hit big hooks and have a hard time getting the ball in the air. I told Jason that there isn’t a pro in the world that can teach you how to grip the club. He spent two minutes teaching himself how to make the reference needles register neutral on the Purdy Grip Analyzer. Jason mentioned how awful his new grip felt. His first shot with a six iron went 10 yards right of the target, but it flew high and didn’t have any curve on the ball. I told Jason that the uncomfortable new grip is correct. He could swing the club toward the target. His next 10 shots flew high and straight toward the target. Jason backed up and looked at his divots, “This is the first time since the accident that my divots go toward the target and the ball goes toward the target. Usually the divots go to the right and the ball goes to the left.”

The Purdy Grip Analyzer was able to fix Jason’s ball flight and plane without having to mention either.

Praise for the Purdy Grip Analyzer

Pros and Amateurs alike will benefit from the Purdy Grip Analyzer!

I went to see Ted Purdy to get better at playing golf competitively. I am actually longer using the Purdy Grip, and just won my last two long drive events. My scores are coming down too!
Mitch McDowell
Mitch McDowell
Longdrive Accomplishments 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004
Ted, The Purdy Grip is your gift to the game of golf that will be around a lot longer than you will!
Kirk Triplett
Kirk Triplett
PGA, Nationwide, & Champions Tour Pro
Your product will help me tremendously and I would love to be the face of it! I instantly love golf again with a renewed sense I can hit the ball the way I want. You're going to make a difference for a lot of golfers around the world.
Jason Schecterle
Jason Schecterle
Founder, Beyond the Flames Foundation

“Good golf begins with a good grip.” ~ Ben Hogan

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